Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Sunday, July 22, 2007

The Famous IBR Mushroom Chair!Maddie's mom: I took some pictures today of Maddie (Hattie) and Eva today in one of the mushroom chairs.
This is part of their morning routine. They each want to be in the chair that the other one is in and sit/lay on each other a few times before laying in their own.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Thanks for stopping By Everyone!!!
Oh and more thing,...
Thank you for all you do, for us ! I pray for my friends that are still out there,.. somewhere,.. waiting,...

Maddie( aka Hattie) showing off her new winter wardrobe!!

Sunday, December 31, 2006

Who me?

Yeah, it's Me, ... They caught me,..and put these Silly Antlers on my head

But That's okay,.. I kind like them!!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Hey!!!! It's me Maddie!!!! I made it!!!!! I'M HOME FOR CHRISTMAS!!!
We are enjoying her!! She is such a good pup! We can't get over how well she listens!
We noticed yesterday that she puts her neck on our neck when we hold her. She likes to lick our ears too! It's great she loves people so much!
My mom and dad came over to meet her and later two of my cousins, my aunt, uncle and grandma came over. She loved everyone! My one cousin is 10 and Hattie ran to her right away when she saw her!
Actually, we have been calling her Maddie. I like the name Hattie, but my husband wasn't sure about it. So we compromised and are going to call her Maddie. I felt bad about changing her name, but I have read over the past week that sometimes it's a good idea to do so with rescue dogs because they associate their new name with their new family.
So that made me feel better. She has been doing really well with her name!!
I attached a couple of pictures of her from yesterday.
The one is of the three of us, me, Maddie and Dusty.
Both pictures weren't too long after we brought her home.
The yahoo group sounds great! I would love to read about the other fosters too!
We are so happy to have her and we'll stay in touch with you!

Friday, December 08, 2006

Hi I am Hattie. I just wanted to let you know that I have been with my foster family since right before Thanksgiving. I have 3 children to play with and boy do I love stuffed animals.

Sometimes those kids share with me but I know I have my own toys. I love toys that squeak. I play happily when I hear that squeaker.

I love the snow! I have been making new snow trails in the backyard to investigate and enjoy the challenge of trying to get through the 13 inches of snow. It is all the way up to my ears. I weigh just shy of 20 lbs. I love to eat and love treats. I can sit for a treat you know.

I spend my time thinking of you. I wonder when you are coming to get me and take me home. I have been a good girl, I sleep through the night in a cozy crate, with warm blankets and a favorite ball.
Do you have a warm blankets at your house? I am housebroken and am up to date with my shots, I have a cool blue tag on my collar, that lets people know I am microchipped so if I get lost people can help me find you.

I have a holiday list... okay I need a stuffed squeaky toy, a blanket, a fenced in yard, a face to kiss and a human to cuddle.

These nights are getting colder and I am just a little thing so I need someone to keep me warm. I don't think its a long list but it really is what I want for the holidays.

Can you help me find you?
Please call Lisa at Illinois Bird Dog Rescue, she is really nice and loves to talk about me.

She gave me my first bath!

I know ....why is a Cattle Dog on a Bird Dog website, cows are way bigger than those silly birds...but you know..... look at me .....how could Lisa refuse my face.
She really is my guardian angel for saving me, now she has more doggies to save so please come pick me up and she can save more like me!

Let the calling begin!!
Waiting patiently for the phone to ring,

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Will I be Home For Christmas?

We had a great time puppy-sitting and Hattie (mad hatter!!) did great with my puppy.
She wasn't quite so bossy with my male std. poodle-smart girl!
She seemed to get our routine in no time-pottied outside real well.
The only issue I had is that she wouldn't leave my pup's bowl alone-even after being rolled over by Ceres who outweighs her by quite a bit.

But she ate in her crate after that and that worked out. She walked pretty well on leash for us, too.

Our family would take her again, no problem! Alison is right about the kids-she wagged her whole hind end when she saw Alison's kids at the end of the weekend.

Hattie is an snuggly little pup around 18 weeks.
She just lost a puppy tooth and loves to play with stuffed toys in the house.

She is a quiet pup, in fact I only heard her bark once and that was at a cement dog decoration peering through the window at the vet.

I expected her to be knawing on hands or furniture but we haven't seen any of that behavior. She loves the kids (ages 4,8,11) and enjoys being nestled between them and lots of pillows and blankets on the couch.
She enjoys her crate, absolutely no crying while in it.
She hasn't any accidents in or out of the crate.

She plays with my pointer, but Hattie is a bit bossy with her.
Hattie is more of a people dog she doesn't like my pointer to be close to me or the kids.
Hattie will herd her away or sit in front of us then chase my pointer away.
She has the cutest darn face with those floppy tips of her ears.
Her fur looks wirey in her photos, but it is soft and thick as can be.
Not much sheding.
She looks different than the other dogs listed on our website but the heartache for a furever home is just as strong.
She would love to be home for the HOLIDAYS!